We’ve had a broody hen since mid-August, sitting on several fertile eggs (well, what we hoped were fertile, since we’ve never had Verence’s fertility verified).  She’s been a somewhat haphazzard mom, once even spending an entire night sleeping in the wrong (empty!) nest box while her charges cooled off on their own next door.  But, I’d read online that eggs can withstand that kind of treatment, so, we decided to let her sit out the full 21+ days, just in case.  And now we’re so glad we did!  Thursday night we went to put the ladies to bed, and mama hopped down to get some food and water for herself.  Just then,  Talina heard a peeping in the nest box! We looked in and, tada!


One adorable yellow fluffy chick, and another on it’s way out (upper left white egg)!


When I checked on them this morning, the sibling had made it’s way out – here they are eating out of my hand (after mama said it was okay, of course).


So. Freaking. Cute.


And there’s a third!  This one is all black.  I think this is not an Amaraucana like the other two are, but since mama hasn’t moved yet, we can’t be certain which egg it hatched from.

Here’s hoping they aren’t all roosters!