Monthly Archives: February 2013

Spring is Here!

One of our farm goals this year is to continue to improve our pastures.  Pastured chickens can contribute a great deal towards this goal, so this year we are experimenting by planning to raise about 50.  And so… chicks!


We built a brooder in an unused stall in the barn, leveraging an old chicken run donated by our friends Joe and Courtney.  Raising the chicks in the barn will mean a LOT less mess in the house this time around.

Our first arrival was an order of 25 chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery – mostly Ameraucanas, but also a mix of fun breeds.  We hope to be able to sell some of the birds as laying pullets once they reach 5 months old – and in the meantime they will do us the favor of working on our thatched pastures.

Firewood Forever

Remember those huge trees we cut down?  Well, we had to put the resulting firewood somewhere, and it was a LOT of firewood.

20130224-184615.jpgA mountain of firewood, stacked in the barn to keep dry until it can be split and stacked this summer.

20130224-184623.jpgThe goats don’t mind having a new climbing gym just for them.