Monthly Archives: September 2013

Italian Plum Harvest

Although most of the fruit trees on the farm are underperforming this year, we still managed to get quite a few Italian Plums off our two trees in the Neutral Zone.  We also discovered that we have several more plum trees in the new hill pasture off the NZ… but we didn’t harvest from them this year because POISON OAK.


Although I made several products with these plums last year, the thing we all devoured was the simple deydrated prunes (I think they’re called Dried Plums now, actually – prunes have bad press).  They were delicious!  So this year I used the less exciting japanese plums (which aren’t freestone and are a pain to pit) to make preserves, and turned most of our italian plums into…


TWO GALLONS of dried plums.


I also played with the FoodSaver a bit, and made several packages of frozen pitted plums to use in baked goods over the winter.  Thank heavens we bought a new freezer this month… we were seriously running out of room!