Monthly Archives: January 2014

View To The East


We took the long, long way home one day this weekend because Archimedes was napping in the back seat, and the day was gorgeous. On the way up the hillside across the valley from where we live, we looked to the right and suddenly realized we were probably looking at the farm! Or, at least, the hill where the farm is.  We guess that the farm is just to the left of the wild carrot flower in the foreground, on the middle rise.  To the left you can see Elk Cove Vineyard.

Even better, we’re pretty sure the house where we stopped to take this picture is the one with the super bright lights we can see from our bedroom window at night. They are the only house lights we can see from the farm, and we’d so love to write them a kind letter asking if those high power beams are really so necessary? We can see them from several miles away!