Monthly Archives: April 2014

Garden Prep

You know it’s spring when our driveway greets visitors with a pile of compost in the corner of the lawn. One of these days we’ll find somewhere else to put these..


This spring’s project is to continue to expand the garden, in all directions. Now that we have the garden fence in place, we know what our borders are and we can push the garden plot out to meet them. Step one was the west border along the driveway, where last summer large weeds grew up along the fence. So this year we decided to lay a path along the fence, mulch it, and extend it just a bit under the fence to avoid the weed issue. Simple, right? Oh, but this is not flat land we live on, dear friends, not even remotely. Even here, in the flattest part of our property, we ran into a few dips that threw some wrenches in our plans.


Eventually we got it mostly worked out though, and now we have this beautiful path AND an extra 150sqft of garden beds.

The garden still needs so much work, and we’re running behind this spring, between the ever-helpful baby and the incredible rain we’ve been having this April. We’ll get there, though – plants like sun, and we’ve observed that things catch up quickly once the sun shows up!


While we had the landscaping fabric out, we finally cleared the tree nursery off our front walk and set up shop on the west end of the high lawn under the maple tree. Easier to water, won’t block the raspberries, and we get some more play space for Archer in the fenced lawn. Win-win-win… especially the bit about the happy raspberries.