Monthly Archives: January 2015

More Firewood, More Sun

When we moved in there were a few 20-something year old firs on the north side of the house, up the hill.  Because this is the north side of the house we never do much in that strip.. it’s a weird layout, due to the dictated shape of the manufactured home.  But this winter we finally got sick of the branches reaching into what little ‘lawn’ we have by the house, and darkening our already-dim north windows.  So, Thaddeus took the trees down this weekend!

2015-01-29 08.44.40

Bye, bye trees!

2015-01-29 17.18.54

Hello, firewood!

2015-01-29 17.37.03

Look at that much more open view!  The kitchen window is so much brighter, it’s really stunning.