Monthly Archives: May 2016


Our property is located at the top of one of the eastern hills leading into Oregon’s coast range. South, east and west of the hill are deep valleys, and the upper hill, where the house and barns are, gets nearly full southern sun exposure.  All of this results in some interesting weather:  hot days sometimes up to 5 degrees warmer than the valley floor, and warm evenings as the warm air from the valleys rises up, pushed up by cool coastal winds.

What this means in practical terms is that our nearest weather stations never actually reflect reality.  So, this weekend, we installed our very own weather station on the farm!

It took a lot of assistance to get the station up on the post and properly aligned toward true south, but luckily we have some pretty great family.

The new weather station sits right between the garden and the barn, about 10′ above the ground.  The outdoor station measures rain, wind, temperature, humidity, and pressure.  There is an indoor display, but the device also tracks historical data and uses hyperlocal data to produce a forecast.   

But the best part about the new weather station is that it streams online through Weather Underground, so we can check our weather from anywhere, and so can you!

In other climate news, we’re loving our greenhouse this year, although we might have gotten a little carried away: not sure where these are all going to go in the garden!