Monthly Archives: August 2017

It’s a Shed! Concrete.

In late 2016, we began work on a new structure on the farm: a building to replace our fading woodshed, including a shelter for our trash and recycling, and (most exciting) a room to house our food storage – freezers, canned goods, etc. We managed to get the block foundation down, but then the rains began and NEVER STOPPED, with record-setting rainfall in October and continuing throughout the winter.


This left us entering this year with just the beginnings of a foundation, but nothing more. Finally, things warmed up and dried up and we were ready to begin the next step: concrete!

Last month, Thaddeus finished packing the block and laying the last layer of the retaining wall. This week, we poured the concrete in the wall, and the floor of the storage room (aka “the grocery”). It was hot, hard work, and the concrete was so thick that by the time it came to pour the floor it didn’t..exactly..come out level. And so began our mantra.. “It’s a shed!” What we can do, will do.

This was the first concrete we’ve poured on the farm since the child was born, and it was fun to add his handprint to the semi-permanent memories of this place.

Onward to the next step!