Monthly Archives: October 2017

Dryland Garlic

We’ve grown garlic on the farm since our first year, when we tossed some cloves in a hugel in March and harvested perfectly lovely heads in July. Since then, we’ve found space in the garden for the garlic.

However, our needs for garlic (to sell) have grown as our needs for space in the garden have also grown… so for the 2018 growing season, the garlic is getting kicked out of the garden! Because the whole farm is a hill, we have limited flat space for the garden… really, limited flat space pretty much anywhere. However, up behind the barn there is a bit of flat space along the road which was not in use as a pasture because the animals never bothered to go up that far.

So we hooked up the tractor to the tiller, and headed up the road to do a little digging. After a few passes with the tiller to break things up, we hauled up two truckloads of goat compost, shoveled them out across the space, and tilled those in as well. Archer was a huge help with the shovel!

After the ground was as prepared as we could make it, we made a few hilled rows and put in 7 different varieties of garic. Because there’s no reliable water available on the hill, we used spacing recommended by a local farmer friend for growing garlic without any irrigation: instead of 4″ spacing, we used 10″ spacing, with more space between rows as well.

The garlic is all put to bed under straw now, where it’ll be left alone til July. Sleep well little garlics!

It’s a Shed! Walls and Roof.

Walls up, we spent the last two weeks putting up rafters. By “we”, we mostly mean Grandpa John, actually – the rest of us went to school and work during the weekdays, and he kept at it and got us to this weekend, and a ROOF!

Our roofing is actually pond liner, held down on all sides by metal plates. In order to keep water away from the sides (and the screws), Thaddeus crafted these foam bumpers, which we’ve taped down along the 2 sloped sides to keep the water running down the slope to the back of the shed.

Pond liner all rolled out! There was a little math error and it ended up 12″ shorter than we really needed.. but It’s A Shed!, so we’ll figure something out. Meanwhile… we’re making progress.

We got so excited about having walls and a roof that we hauled the recycling bins over and put them where they’ll eventually go… we’re so close to an operational building!