Monthly Archives: March 2018

Thank you, Dad

The search for our farm started one sunny day when Megan, Thaddeus and John sat out in the bed of John’s truck and daydreamed about finding property for the three of them to grow on.  Years later, that dream was realized when we purchased Blackbroom Farm.

So many of our original dreams have come true here over our first 6 years on the property… but many of them have had to be postponed or changed as life happened, most dramatically due to the unexpected death of John’s partner due to cancer 4 years ago.  We lost a lot of him that year, too.

On March 14, 2018, John died after a brief hospitalization due to COPD.  His obituary is published here. Every structure on our land has his mark on it, and we cannot look around without remembering how much he contributed to our dream of living here.  We had so many more dreams that won’t ever be, and we miss him so, so much.

Love you, Dad.

Signs of Spring

It’s fruit tree pruning time on the farm!  Megan got to take an amazing class this month on tree pruning (photo above is the ‘professional’ pruning demo)… now it’s time to try to apply it here on the farm.

Here’s our first try, on one of the original apple trees in the small farm orchard.  This tree is probably a ‘golden delicious’ apple, and when we moved in 6 years ago it was extremely overgrown.   We’ve done some significant pruning but it seems there’s always more to do!

While we were out and about cleaning up, we also cleaned out the bird houses to get them ready for their new occupants.  We found these eggs still in their nests!


For the last two years, we’ve planted hundreds of spring bulbs along our strip of the county road.  This year I ran out of steam at the end of the bag, and I’m not too proud to admit that I just dumped these by the front door… can’t wait to see this mess of bulbs bloom, though!