40 Pound Thanksgiving

Megan has a crazy idea to try breeding our Narragansett turkey tom to a Broad Breasted White hen.  In order to get a hen, for the second year in a row, we’ve raised BBW chicks.  Last year we had the extraordinary luck to raise 5 toms, but this year we got luckier and had two hens and one tom.  This year’s tom was a monster even early on in his life!

2015-11-13 16.00.59

2015-11-21 16.41.14

Butchered he weighed in at just over 40lbs!! We put him in a dry-brine in the fridge for 48 hours, and then roasted him outside in an elaborate vertical roaster John basically invented by looking at old roasting methods (thank you, google!).

2015-11-26 09.55.152015-11-25 14.38.522015-11-26 13.51.29

It was a total of 14 hours of cooking, starting in the oven overnight at a very low 175, then transfering to the outside roaster at 6am (in the dark!) to cook until about 2pm.  But the turkey!!  This was our first dry brine attempt and we are now total converts.  We sent so much turkey home with our guests, put more in the freezer, and made soup with the bones.

Thank you, Mr. Turkey, we’re so grateful for your short stay with us.