En Garde!

High on our list of priorities has always been fixing the fences..  previously, we redid the fencing around the barn pasture, but, the big summer goal was to rewire the fencing in the Neutral Zone pasture, and to enclose the North pasture (our hill).  When Thaddeus came up with his goats to visit this month, the need became, shall we say, slightly more urgent.  4 goats can go a long way in a 1 acre pasture, but 14 goats!?  We needed a bigger space.


I had a traumatic travel experience that led me to get home late afternoon on Friday, instead of as planned on Thursday afternoon.  In my sleepy travel haze, here’s my photo of the work crew (Lela, Thaddeus, John, and Talina) discussing the next steps to rewire the fence in the Neutral Zone.

Saturday we got up early and attacked the fence.  The biggest challenge was rewiring the entire back length of the Neutral Zone; this is where we share a border with a neighbor, so we wanted to be especially sure there were no gaps!  In the end, we left the existing field fencing up, and ammended it with a double length of 5″ stand-off insulaters holding the electric fence.  Hopefully that does the trick!

I was so busy helping with the fencing, I actually took zero photos the entire day.  Whoops! To make up for it, here’s a lovely photo of the Neutral Zone pasture, on it’s best behavior.


Day two, we wrapped up the new length of fence to enclose the North hill pasture.  When I say hill, I mean, HILL:


Here’s the same crew, all hands on deck to tie down the supports for the new gate brace.


One weekend, four sets of hands, two new pastures!  We’re on a roll…