Gathering Wool

You may remember that we brought home two sheep last week. They were, as you recall, quite woolly, having not been shorn in two years!


We tried all week to find someone to come help us shear them, but, no less than three people flaked on us and failed to show. They not only looked miserable, the local heat warnings were going from HOT to REALLY VERY HOT!, and we were worried about their health. Finally, in desperation I remembered driving past a local farm that raises sheep. I emailed our neighbors at Distracted Acres, and begged them for help – even just expertise to come make sure we didn’t kill the sheep if we tried to shear them. Troy agreed to come up and shear them for us the next day… we have the BEST neighbors ever.


The whole event took 20 minutes start to finish. I wish I’d gotten some video, but it was way too dark in the barn, unfortunately. Here’s Talina’s feet next to the pile of wool sheared off of Eureka — she’s just 2 years old, so this was her first time being sheared!


Here’s the final result: a massive bag of wool, all piled up and ready to be used for garden mulch next year, and, some naked sheep – out in the heat of the afternoon and not panting: