Barn Fencing

We’d always talked about improving the fencing, especially the horse fencing around the barn area. It was probably put in in the mid to late 1980s (almost 30 years ago – oh god I’m old), and the fence planks were rotting and falling off the posts. A few things happened this week to force us to take real steps towards improving our fencing, the most urgent of which being: we’re getting goats on Friday!

First step was, of course, to knock down the existing fencing planks, and haul them to the stockpile we’ve created behind the shop. Here’s Talina, making short work of a length of fencing:

Here’s the finished view – old planks, awaiting pickup.


The next step was picking up new fencing to install. Because this pasture is intended to eventually only house poultry, and not four-legged farm critters, we were able to go with a cheaper more lightweight poultry fence. Hopefully it will hold the goats for long enough to let us get the electric fenced pastures up and ready to hold them in the next month! The grass is waist high, so, that should keep them busy for a while.

John and some friends knocked out the first 330 feet of fencing on Friday – it looks great!!

On Saturday, John and Talina collected new fence posts and laid out the path of the rest of the fence – we’re breaking new fence holes in, because we need to pull the fence back from the hill edge in order to keep the goats from stressing the fence too much (and to keep everybody out of the poison oak!).




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