Broomcaust 2014: The Beginning

Our friends Spencer and Leela came up for a bit of farm work and dinner this weekend, and we decided to take advantage of the lovely weather to begin our assault on Mt. Scotch Broom, up on top of the East hill.



The crew headed off with Weed Wrenches in hand, up, up, up the hill.


In 2012, we cleared all of the broom from the west side of this fence, but left the east side, which is not a fenced pasture area, alone.¬† This year we’d like to add those few acres to our pasture area, rather than continue to leave them for the blackberries to claim, but the first chore is to take advantage of the wet ground to pull a few hundred Scotch Broom plants!


45 minutes of pulling complete: a nice bare patch behind us and a big pile of vanquished plants to haul down for burning.  Chore season is off to a good start!