Chicken Coop Demolition

Work party day! Today’s focus was on the future chicken coop… there was a stall in the barn that had been converted, but, years of neglect had taken their toll on the floor boards! It was time to take it all out and start over with new materials. We invited Megan’s sister Ana and her boyfriend Johnny to come work their magic on the demolition project.


Contemplating their tool options…


Ripping up the rotted floor boards by hand.


The exposed floor supports – rotted on the bottom from years of sitting in the wet dirt.


Final product: the exposed dirt floor! Next project: built it back up again with nice new flooring.


While we were in the area, we hauled a few more loads of compost to the garden site. Almost done with the second row! These days it’s a cardboard deficiency that’s keeping the progress slow… at this rate we’ll be planting before we’re done covering the original pasture!