We finished another task this afternoon:  installing deer fencing around the garden!   Once we put seeds in we were basically racing the clock to get this done before someone decided to go prancing around and destroy our beautiful beds or, worse, eat our seedlings!20120516-215428.jpg

First, we drove 8′ stakes around the outside of the garden area.


Then, we stretched Deer-X brand plastic netting around the entire 1500 square feet.  We don’t expect this to be a permanent fencing solution – in fact, the garden plot where it is is only 1/2 the eventually planned garden area.   But, we’re hoping at least to protect our garden this year, and buy us time to expand the area and build a permanent fence around the entire yard in the next year or two.


Finished product! Tomorrow, I’ll string some silver ribbon around to make sure the deer and birds can see and hopefully avoid the fence.


Bonus goat photo – this is Beau, being adorable as is his nature.


Talina took this gorgous shot of the goats working the blackberry row along the north ridge.  They’ve been so well behaved thus far, being staked out every day.  But, I’m sure they miss being free to run and go where they choose — the barn fence is almost done, but even that will only hold them a few more weeks before we need a real pasture.  We have work to do!