Day Four: Let The Floors Begin

Monday already! The painting is basically done except some touching up, so it’s time to get started on the floors! Thaddeus and Lela had already made major progress ripping out the carpet in the craft room and bedroom before I even got to the house in the morning.

Carpet gone, carpet padding on it’s way out in the (newly green!) master bedroom.

My brother’s dog, Sucia, a little confused by the new lack of ugly blue carpet in the (amazingly orange!) craft room.

Thaddeus, doing the monster walk to pull out tacks and nails left over from carpet removal.

Midday we took a break, and took a walk with the goats around the property… even got a bit lost in the process! Imagine, we got lost on our OWN LAND.

It was getting late and we knew we could make much progress, but decided to go ahead and start on one room just to make sure there weren’t any kinks in the process that would keep us from getting further along on Tuesday… Here’s the first row of flooring going into the craft room…


And this is about where we stopped, upon reaching the wall of too-sleepy-to-do-anymore-math. Amazing progress for one day and 3 people!