Farm Born

It’s spring officially now, and everything is giving birth all at once, in a mad, crazy onslaught of flowers and labor and tiny living things.

In the last 7 days we’ve had baby turkeys arrive, both in our incubator, and courtesy of our Royal Palm turkey hens, who decided to do the communal thing and have ALL been sitting for the last month on a huge batch of 20 or so eggs.



Healthy chicks get moved to the brooder – the hens picked a terrible place to hatch babies, on the second floor loft of the barn, so they don’t get the option of raising them because we don’t want to find out how they try to get them down from there!


Goat kids!  We’ve had three does kid so far:  Violet, Lady, and Badger, and have 5 doelings and 2 bucklings now, in addition to the older kids we brought home on Easter.  Two does left to kid, and they are taking their time getting around to it…