Family Visit

Talina’s father and sister, and our niece, came to visit with us this week. We had so much fun showing them around the farm… maybe almost as much fun as they had exploring it?


Khylia and her adorable daughter River met the turkeys the day they got home.


River was a HUGE fan of the chickens, and they were surprisingly cooperative for her, even letting her pet them!


Now that the goats spend most of their days across the road in the Neutral Zone, the family pitched in to help roll one of the fancy goat toys over to a flat spot so the goats have something to play on in that field, too.


John taught Talina’s father how to use a chainsaw and to split logs with a maul.  He’s an expert, now… he also got to use the weed eater, and we had to tear him away from it to make him eat dinner!


Talina and John supervising the log splitting.  We got a ton of wood split and stacked for next winter (okay maybe not a real TON, but, a lot.  A lot of wood.  Basically, we need a bigger wood shed).


Oh, hello, visitors!  We moved an old bathtub being used as a watering trough, and discovered a couple of garter snakes giving themselves a warm spot for the afternoon.  So fun to see the population is so healthy around here:  keep it up, guys, eat those bugs!