Free At Last (Within Limits)

What started a week ago with fence demolition took it’s second-to-last step this afternoon: The barn fence is done! Well, almost done… we still need to string some electric fencing to keep the goats from tearing up the field fencing too much. But for now, it’s secure enough that we can let them off their leads and let them run around for the first time since they arrived here last Friday.


John, preparing to round the second to last corner by the barn.


The new length of fence – it’s about 12′ offset from the original fenceline of the pasture, to try to keep the goats from tearing it down trying to get at the tree leaves. We’ll have to keep this mowed to keep it from becoming a forest in time.


Free at last! The goats barely stopped eating to enjoy their new freedom… luckily the grass is goat-high right now, so they have plenty to keep them busy!


But, it didn’t take them long to find the toys!¬† Lela brought these cable spools by for climbing on – Jesse figured it out right away.


Calamity finds the spools to be great for scratching one’s head on.