Frozen Harvest

Over the summer, we’ve been freezing crops as they came in, but didn’t have a good method for organizing or tracking what we ended up with.


Which, surprise, resulted in a tangled mess of frozen bags in our chest freezer. So this evening we pulled everything out, hauled it to the living room, and sorted and catalogued it for the winter.


Final Count from our garden:

6 bags of spinach
3 bags of kale
1 bag of turnip greens
5 bags of roasted squash
6 bags of peas
3 bags of sugar snap peas
2 bags of grated beets
6 bags of chopped beets
2 bags of green beans
5 bags of broccoli
1 bag of corn
6 bags of edamame
4 bags of pesto
1 bag of tomatoes
1 bag of tomato paste