Garden 2012: Day One

Fittingly, the first day of our new garden is my birthday! We put a few seeds in the ground on Sunday night, but ended up doing most of our planting Monday morning, due to my work schedule.

Our garden plot is about 30′ by 50′, about 1500 square feet. That’s a LOT bigger than our little 9×12 deck from our Portland apartment! We’ve laid out the garden plan to have 6 beds, with a 3′ pathway running down the middle. There’s also room for our many potato grow bags, which are housing some potatoes and a lot of sunchokes.

Here’s the garden map before we started planting — the finished product is a little different, but close!


For my birthday, our friends Brian and Lisa organized and labelled all our seeds!  This made it SO much easier to plant in the garden.


The finished beds are all divided and tagged so I have a hope of remembering what I put where in the coming weeks.


And last, let’s check in on our FIRST garden, the kale on the hugelkultur.  Looking good!  We harvested our first batch of leaves this evening.