Garden 2012: Week Twelve

It’s week twelve, two and a half months since we put seeds in the ground.  The garden is completely it’s own planet now – the quinoa and corn are 7′ tall!


View looking west.  Quinoa is massive and starting to fall over: next year, we’ll need to add braces to keep this from happening.  The broccoli has been producing for a week or two at this point, and the beans just came on strong this week. Still no color to the tomatoes, but the sesame plants loved the heat we had this week, and we finally saw some buds!  We might get a seed or two afterall.


View looking east.  YOu can see that the quinoa and corn as the same height, but the chard (center of the photo) and the winter squash are all playing for keeps right now.  SO. MUCH. SQUASH.  Now we’re starting to worry about where we’re going to keep it all this winter…


This beet weighed 1lbs 10oz.


We finally have our own resident garden spider!  I think she looks like Marge with her hands on her hips.. okay maybe scary zombie Marge, but still.  Right now she’s hanging out by the broccoli and green beans, which is great!


Almost 3lbs of green beans picked this morning!  They went right into canning jars as pickles.  This variety is “Maxibel”, and they are delicious but unfortunately not particularly straight.  This makes pickling a bit of a challenge.. I may have to switch varieties next year.


I cant’ figure out how to rotate this photo, but, almost 2lbs of sugar snap peas.  We’ve been blanching and freezing these, to eat this winter.  The plants are producing easily a pound a day right now.



Lemon cucumbers are finally ready!  I’ve been waiting impatiently for these guys to get big enough to eat for weeks.  Delicious!


Oh, the pickling cucumbers.  This is the second batch picked, seven pounds!  They become pickles, too – the cupboards are filling up fast.

Thank goodness, Thaddeus arrived for a quick visit this evening, so he can help us eat all this green stuff for the next few days!