Garden 2013: In The Ground

In 2012, we barely got the compost on the garden by mid-may, so everything went into the ground after the last freeze date.  But this year, we worked hard to lay out beds earlier, so that we could get the frost-proof seeds in the soil earlier.  And when I say ‘we’, I mostly mean Talina, Thaddeuss, and Glenna, because Megan is 8 months pregnant and it turns out that hauling compost and shoveling it into rows is not compatible with that condition!


Other things not compatible with being 8 months pregnant: bending over and putting hundreds of tiny seeds in the ground.  So this weekend we expanded our monthly brunch and called on our friends to come help us do the bending and squatting on Megan’s behalf.


We have the best friends in the world.


Many people came, boots and gloves in hand, and although there was a bit of distraction while Badger gave birth in the middle of brunch, we were able to rally and incredibly, to get all of the early seeds in the ground.


It doesn’t look all that different right now, but hiding under those pretty rows is kale, lettuce, chard, beets, radish, parsnips, peas, garbanzo beans, broccoli, rapini, carrots, cabbage, and brussels sprouts.

Grow little seeds, grow!