Harvest: Turkey

Today was the day we’ve been working towards since I brought our turkeys home at 10 weeks old, on July 4th.  We’ve fed them and cared for them and now, half of them are destined for the holiday oven.20121123-102912.jpg

A last meal, last Saturday.


We chose four turkeys to butcher, and kept them separately in cages overnight, to keep them from eating before being butchered (easier to clean).  Catching them was easy, we went out at midnight, and picked the sleeping turkeys off their roosts.  Sunday, Glenna came up, and Thaddeus having returned two days prior, we had a butchering party in the shop.


Thanksgiving morning: our biggest tom was only 9lbs, which is quite small!  Still, all plucked and brined, he was a beautiful looking bird.  You can see the difference between these animals and the Broad Breasted variety that is most often sold commercially.  Ours had much longer and more muscular legs, but a much smaller chest.  Overall, ours is longer and less compact than the commercial turkeys.


All roasted and ready to eat!  We are grateful to our turkey for his life, and this meal. Happy Thanksgiving!