This weekend we hauled a lot of compost! In addition to working on the garden area, once we ran out of cardboard, we got started on the next project: a hugelkultur bed.

Hugelkultur is a tall bed, made by laying rotting logs and other organic material on the ground, then stacking more leaves and sticks and branches high, with a final layer of dirt or compost. This method increases the warmth in the soil, and reduces the need to water during the summer. It also has the handy by-product of requiring a lot of waste organic materials, like sticks and leaves and rotting logs, that we find ourselves rich with this winter.

First layer: rotting logs dragged up from the Neutral Zone timber lot.

Second layer: smaller fir sticks and branches, fresh this year, from our windfall after the storm.

Next, clippings from the fruit trees.

Last layers: leaves, and mushroom compost.

Mostly finished! Just a few more layers of compost to cover everything, and our new kale-producing-machine will be ready!