Is it Still Spring?

We had such a busy spring weekend! Lots of visitors are here celebrating Archer’s 6th birthday — we had scavenger hunts and built a straw bale fort, lit a bonfire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows!

And then there was the work… Thaddeus came down and helped out today — he got John’s old lawn mower running so we could mow (our newer one is broken and being repaired), and hooked the mower to the tractor and mowed for us as well. Talina and our new house mate (and the baby) set up the brooder for the chicks who arrive on Tuesday. Green and Archer and I fixed and tightened all the raspberry support wires — they’re already 2 feet high!

I managed to finish reclining and repotting the tree nursery, and got the new watering line set up. Still way too many trees in pots and not enough in the ground but it hasn’t rained in a month and the ground is solid… we’ll have to wait to plant them til winter. Not quite finished with the irrigation projects but we’re getting closer! I have to repair the damaged sections of the herb garden tubing, and find a new way to hook up the east side of the raspberries in front of the house, still.

Grateful for warm days and lots of friends and family.

(The Fire was too hot so Uncle Thaddeus made them a heat barrier)