Log Removal

You may remember that after bucking up the rest of the two huge trees that we cut down, we were left with a massive stump.  The stump was huge – too big to cut with our chainsaws, and, conveniently, lying right where we wanted to put in our new garden fence.


Our neighbor Stan brought his cat by and hauled the log up onto a flat area, where it was safer to make cuts (it was lying on a steep hill; the wrong move and it could have rolled down into the road, or, worse, on top of someone).  With the log in a safe, flat place, John came up with a borrowed chainsaw long enough to do a little more damage, and by making cuts through on both sides, was able to start taking off massive rounds.


Teamwork – one runs the chainsaw while the other drives wedges and uses the pry bar to pull the logs apart.


The reason this log was so huge was that it was actually a split stump – two full sized treees growing out of a single stump.  There’s a huge gap in the middle, full of pitch, and in the photo above you can see the separate trunks on either side.  When they cut into the gap, pitch ran out like maple syrup!

Teamwork, borrowed tools, and great neighbors… all it takes to move a two-ton log out of your garden.  Well, that and a sunny day.