Moving Day!

We’ve had keys to the new place for 11 days now, time to get this show on the road.

All our stuff in one place: stacked high in the family room. So many amazing friends helped us make this happen… Thank you to our amazing neighbors Ben and Val, to Talina’s classmate Spencer who came and helped despite getting food poisoning over the holiday weekend, to my sister Ana and especially to our friend Brian, who repayed many moves over by showing up not only in Portland BUT following us out to Gaston and helping unload there, too!

A smaller pile of stuff working it’s way into the craft room for sorting.

The kitchen, already mostly moved before Moving Day, acquiring a small stack of stuff.

After moving everything, we took advantage of the afternoon and the hand truck from Uhaul, and went to buy a Craigslist washer and dryer. Thank you a million times to Thaddeus who singlehandedly hauled them DOWN A SET OF STEEP STAIRS and into the trailer. Awesome.