New Frontier

Last winter, we lost our chance for a winter garden to the hungry, hungry deer, who jumped THROUGH our garden fencing and demolished it, and all the winter crops we’d attempted to plant.  Deer make bad neighbors.

So this year, it was time for some more serious protection.  Some planning, an auger for the tractor, and the help of friends, and voile: from ugly old horse fencing to a brand new huge fenced garden area!


The new garden fence will be 9′ high, and actually encloses the front part of the house, all the way down the hill by where the trees we recently cut down were.  It’s HUGE!  We won’t be using all of it this year, but it’s allowed us to double the garden space we had last year, which seems pretty big right now.


While digging the postholes we discovered an interesting phenomenon — just 10′ apart, the auger brought up vastly different soil types:  a nice red topsoil to the east, and to the west, sand.  So curious about what’s going on under the surface…


Another view of the new fence – we worried it would seem bulky out the front windows of the house, but mostly when I see it I just think about all that food we’re going to be eating in December next year.  Take that, deer!


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