New Residents

We brought home baby chicks last week, but, because we don’t want to wait until fall to have our own eggs, we also picked 3 Ameraucana chickens, 2 years old, from craigslist. Megan’s sister Ana brought them down from Washington for us on Sunday.

Unfortunately, we weren’t 100% ready to have chickens inhabiting the new coop we’ve been working on. We bought a small coop from a classmate of Talina’s, and put that in the yard to the new, much larger chicken coop-in-progress. However, we didn’t have time to put a door on the gate before the chickens arrived! So, their first day in their new home they escaped a few times. The last time, we could only find the two lighter ladies, the darker colored chicken had completely gone missing!! We were very worried she’d been carried off by a hawk, but, this morning when I went out to check for eggs and food, I heard a chicken clucking in the barn! Turns out she’d been hiding in an old feed bin all night – not only that, she’d laid a lovely blue egg in there!

Our new, makeshift yard gate. Eventually, we’ll get a gate building expert here, but for now, it’s chicken wire stapled to a board.

All three ladies happily munching worms in their new yard.

Two blue eggs! Not bad for the first night!


The ladies seem to like hiding under their coop, so we’ll have to build them a bigger shelter.¬† Now that we know we DIDN’T lose a hen to a hawk the first day, no sense letting it happen for real in the future.