Recipe: Drinking Vinegar

A¬†“shrub” is the old term for drinking vinegar, but you won’t see the $10 bottles in New Seasons labeled for a bush! A few tablespoons in a glass of sparkling water is the best thing on a hot day.

Our family has been making drinking vinegars for years, and in my experiments, I have decided it’s possible to cut the sugar entirely, and still have a drink that’s deliciously sweet provided you started with good fruit. Old recipes often suggest you can use unsellable fruit and I suspect that’s part of the reason they added so much sugar!! Instead, pour organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar over fresh or defrosted berries to cover in a ceramic bowl, then cover the bowl with a cloth and let sit for a week on a warm counter, agitating daily. The vinegar should keep mold away, just make sure it always covers the fruit.

Don’t boil it, that ruins all the delicious fermented goodness in the vinegar!

Filter through cheesecloth (be sure to taste the solids, sometimes they are worth spooning over ice cream, especially the strawberry versions), and it will keep in a sealed bottle on a dark shelf for 6 months at least (I’ve used it up to 2 years happily but I don’t want to lead you astray with my wild ways…), and longer than you’ll ever know in the fridge (because if it’s in sight, you’ll drink it)!