Pasture Poultry

I’ve mentioned previously that this year we have a plan to raise a few dozen laying hens for sale as layers, while also doing the Neutral Zone pasture some good.  Our birds are old enough now to be off the heatlamp and out in the world, but they needed somewhere safe to spend the nights!

After much discussion, the actual end product seems like it sprang fully formed into life – it took just one day to go from theory to reality!  And here it is:20130423-142158.jpg

Based on a cheap trailer bed, we leveraged old fence posts for the wood frame, covered it with a metal roof, and sided it in chicken wire.  The floor is a powder coated smaller guage wire mesh that’s easier for the birds to walk on, and strong enough to hold both them AND a food container if it needs to.


The teenagers took a few days to get the hang of the door — we spent about 4 nights having to go out after dark and carefully migrate all 25 of the oldest birds into the coop from under the coop, but they learned quickly and now it’s an easy process to shut the door and open it again each morning.

Looking forward to hauling this across the road and getting the birds out on their future pasture home!