Safety Netting

20120514-100545.jpgTalina’s friend Lindsey visited us this weekend, and we used the extra pair of arms to finish a task we’ve been needing to do:  put up some protective netting over the chicken yard.

While our grown hens and our rooster are probably too big for anything but a bald eagle to carry off (and although we have seen them, they’re not a regular occurance around here – yet), our littlest chicks are at risk.   We’d known this needed to happen, but when we lost little Agnes last week, we knew we’d put it off far too long.

We used some 8′ tall lightweight deer fencing, and stretched lengths of it across 90% of the yard – leaving a narrow stretch by the gate and the barn wall so that snow, rain, and tall human heads could get through without issue.


Nanny Ogg is thoroughly unimpressed with our efforts, and spent the time sitting the nest, instead.