Scotch Broom Progress

Since we finished the west end of the Neutral Zone pasture a few weeks ago, it was time to start in on the eastern side! Talina, Ana, and John all made great progress while Megan was away for work for the past week. They do good work but they’re terrible at taking documentation. So now that I’m back…

We selected this hillside for our morning’s effort… headed for the walnut tree on the northern end.


90 minutes in, we’re halfway there!


And another 30 minute push, with some help from Dad, and we finished it up for the day.


Done pulling broom for the day, we switched to hauling the old piles of broom from where they lay in the pasture up to the burn pile by the shop. 8 truck loads, piled up over the top of the cab, and we still have all this left. Few more burn days in our future, I guess! We learned that Scotch Broom burns very quickly when it’s green, which is handy, and a bit scary.


This sight was satisfying on so many levels.

And just to counteract all the destruction in this post.. here’s a shot of our baby kale seedlings, coming up in the hugelkultur! C’mon, kale, grow!