Well, we’ve really done it now.


Earlier this week, we went to look at these two over-wooled lovely ladies.  They belonged to a friend of John’s, who hadn’t been able to care for them fully in the last year.  We have been tossing around the idea of adding sheep to our menagerie, but didn’t think we were ready quite yet… but it was tough to say no to these guys, who clearly needed a little help.  Also, SHEEP!


The rest of this week has been filled with scrambling to figure out how to get to very hairy sheep moved up to our place.  Thank heaven, at the very last minute, we found someone willing to lend her horse trailer to the campaign.  We managed to get them loaded and brought up relatively easily.  The ladies aren’t totally happy about being around people, but if you’ve got some grain in your hand they might deign to stick around long enough to let you grab them.

So here we are:  sheep owners.