The big project this year, aside from the garden fence, was to put up a barn in the Neutral Zone, so that we could use it in bad weather without having to walk animals across the road.  John and Thaddeus got things started after several weeks of considering, and then reconsidering, design options.  And then, alas, having to mentally pick the whole building up and move it 30′ back from the road, because it turns out you probably should check with the county before you put a building in the right of way.  Lesson learned!


And now it’s finished! And we love it.  It’s beautiful to look at, which is good because we see it directly out the living room window. It has a nice clean milkroom, and enough room to house all the goats if need be.  Hooray for an easier summer ahead, and in case I haven’t said it enough already, thank goodness for skilled and helpful family members… we are so blessed.