Spring Into Action

What a glorious weekend! After a long cold dark winter, the sun finally returned full force for this first weekend of spring, allowing us to get outside and start knocking things off the 2014 to-do list. On Saturday, we invited our community up to the farm to help us break ground on our big garden project for the year: building raised beds on top of the hill by the house (no more lawn to mow!).


In one morning, with several sets of extra hands, we went from lawn to garden!  Four new raised beds, lined with landscaping fabric to beat the grass, and filled with mushroom compost.  These will hold an expanded herb garden, taking the perennial herbs out of the main garden space and allowing us to use that area for more crops.  Bonus: fresh herbs 4 feet from our door!

You can also see in the photo above our raspberry plants from last year already starting to leaf out along the south side of the house. We’re already getting excited for June raspberries… oh summer fruit, we love you.


The other big project for this spring was to make the walk from the house to the garden less treacherous.  It has always been a very steep hill, and in wet weather or tall grass it can be quite slippery, and full of vole holes.  We had originally thought we might accomplish the grander project of terracing the entire hill, but realized eventually that we needed to make a few more big decisions before that could happen.  A quicker solution was to install these stairs: two days of work, materials we had on hand (thanks, Dad!), and they will be easy to adjust or undo when we are ready for the terraces.

As you can see from the photo, Sucia worked hard to help us out with this project. Also: herbs already migrated to their new home in the herb beds!


We ended Sunday with the perfect spring meal: sautéed collard rapini with last year’s garlic, and a poached egg, on a bed of quinoa and black beans.  SO. GOOD.  The collards made it through the cold winter better than many of our other plants, and the reward of these fantastically sweet, crunchy rapini was the best possible way to finish the weekend.

Well, that and crossing a couple of things off the to-do list.