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This year, Megan decided to get serious about turning our goat milk into cheese!  We’ve been experimenting all year, and we’ve had success with 4 different types of cheese so far, which has been so much fun.

The easiest type of cheese to make is Chevre.  Start with a gallon of milk, warm it up, add culture (we get ours from New England Cheese Supply), let sit for 8 hours then strain.

2015-04-11 08.34.522015-04-11 08.38.44

Add a teaspoon of salt and there you go!

Feta and Mozzerella are alittle more involved, although they probably take about an hour to pull together – Feta still has a lot of sitting and then curing to do, since we press ours before putting in brine to age, but they’re pretty easy to do.

2015-08-07 21.12.042015-08-07 22.11.43

Above left – mozzerella curds resting after being cut, and on the right, the finished product

2015-08-29 14.24.44

The most exciting cheese we tried this year was cheddar.  We eat a LOT of cheddar in this house!  Unfortunately we probably won’t be able to make it all from goat’s milk, because the process to make cheddar takes about 6 focused hours, which is a lot to devote for 2lb of cheese!  But, after a few months of aging, this wheel of cheddar really tasted just like our favorite aged goats cheese from the store — pretty great to be able to make that at home!

We tried several recipies but in the end really found that we liked the guidance in Gianaclis Caldwell’s book Mastering Basic Cheesemaking.