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Leaf Piles

With the goats set up for a winter, and the freezing weather on it’s way, we turned our attention to the chickens today. Their original bedding was straw, thick stacks of it put in in March. But a years worth of chicken scratching, and the bedding was more dirt than straw.


The fallen leaves froze along with the dew this morning – winter is on it’s way!


We scrapped out the last of the original bedding, and swept the floor clean.


Then we hauled huge loads of maple leaves down from the trees by the shop, and filed the coop up 3′ high with leaves.


The chickens were a little weirded out by the leaves at first, the ground shifted so much beneath them! ¬†But soon they’ll get the bedding flattened out, and in spring, we’ll have new mulch to add to the garden!