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Harvest: Italian Plums

We have a few Italian Plum trees on our property, but for whatever reason they are not producing much, and they seem to be far behind the general season.  Our fantastic neighbors just to the north, however, have several plum trees that were laden this year, and they offered us a harvest.  They may not have known what they were getting into, though… when we go fruit picking in this family, we take the whole tree!


The photo above is just a fraction of what we picked… so many plums!!  Thanks, Deb and Zo!


We made rhubarb plum jam and anise-plum jam the first round.  For the second round, I followed a recipe for Asian Plum BBQ Sauce that sounded reminicient of the BBQ sauce I’ve always made and loved (handed down from my godfather, years ago).  The pre-canning version tasted pretty good… looking forward to trying it after the flavors have melded a bit more on the shelf.


In addition to the BBQ sauce, I also churned out more anice flavored jam (we didn’t get much the first time, and it was a hit!), and experimented with shiso flavored jam.  The shiso didn’t impart as much flavor as I was hoping… but maybe after a few months in the jar it’ll taste more impressive.

Here’s to a happy pantry!




We got around to picking cherries this weekend, using the pickup truck bed as a handy ladder. One of our trees produces super tiny cherries, but we found another stand, closer to the well in the Neutral Zone, that has larger and equally delicious fruit.





I made a truly terrible cherry pie (note to self: must improve pie crust skills), and a really good cherry cobbler for the wheat-free group.With a bit of pruning, we might actually be able to harvest decent cherries regularly!


No, Frank, not THAT kind of pruning…


A few months ago, because even we with our total lack of orchard education could tell it was necessary, we tried pruning our four orchard trees, two apples and two pears. We were wimpy. We cut, and the trees basically looked the same when we were done.

BUT! We have an expert in the family. Cassy came up on Saturday and showed us how it’s really done. 20120325-162824.jpg

Cassy up on a ladder, held by Mom and Rich, sawing away at one of the leaders on this pear tree.

A successful pruning adventure, resulting in a MASSIVE burn pile full of fruit tree clippings!