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Now that we have a greenhouse, we can get a real head start on the garden.  Being able to do this is more important than ever, because the average temperatures in 2016 are expected to be even hotter than 2015, and that was the hottest year on record!

2016-02-27 13.19.50

Why does heat matter?  Well, plants don’t grow just through sunlight alone – differences in temperature change the speed with which plants mature.  Especially in our small gardening space, it is important to understand when a crop is done producing, so that it can be pulled out and replaced.  Being able to take advantage of ‘degree days’ means being ready with seedlings as soon as the last freeze happens, so that when the hot days come, we have plants at the right stage in development to take advantage of it.

2016-02-27 14.17.49

And what that means is:  seeding!!  Grandpa John and Archer helped mix potting soil and fill 4″ pots, and Megan has spent hours in the greenhouse setting tiny seeds in their first homes.  We’ve got cabbage, kale, chard, onions, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, leeks, and cauliflower started, with salad, arugula, carrots, snap peas and fava beans in the ground.   This summer is going to be delicious!!