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Day Three: Painting Party Continued

Sunday morning, we started again. Thaddeus and Lela took the day off to celebrate his birthday. Paul came to help and he beat me to the house! I believe his first words walking in the door were something like “wow, Orange!”. yes, indeed, the craft room came out a nice bright color. Paul did a second coat, while I touched up the living room.



Talina’s classmates Nicole, Carole, and Carole’s boyfriend Steven came to help: The girls got the fun job of painting the incredibly crazy colors in the dining room: chalkboard and bright blue!

And here’s the dining room, nearly finished! Such a huge difference from the white walls…

This is a view into the (finished!) craft room, from the dining room – nice display of all 3 main new colors!

Day Two: Painting Party!

Time to kick things off! My brother Thaddeus arrived with his goats late Friday night, and then I headed home to Portland for a few hours of sleep before… PAINT PARTY.

We had a great day today: got exactly as much done as we had hoped to accomplish, we’re right on schedule. Because we got all the walls washed on Friday, everyone was able to start right away painting the living room, craft room, and bedroom. Since we were replacing the carpet, it saved time not to have to lay down or tape any protective covering.
Here’s a neat slideshow showing the paint progress in the living room…

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Thanks to my parents, sister and brother, and our amazing friends Krista and Duncan for coming by to lend their many hands. I could never have done it without you!

…and thanks to our secret weapon, our goddaughter Elizabeth, who really pitched in!!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.