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Happy Christmas!


We hope your Christmas Day was warm and bright, whether you spent it unwrapping presents with family, or eating Chinese and seeing The Hobbit!

For our Christmas Day, the sheep were feeling in a giving mood, so they led us on a merry adventure by getting loose and running off down the road. Then they got ‘lost’, and we had to help remind them how to get back to the pasture. On the way, Eureka’s will to live flagged (it’s a long way from the end of the road back to the barn!), and I got the chance to get this shot of her, giving up, lying in a mud puddle in the snow, while Thaddeus looked on in amusement.

We did finally get the ladies back to the barn, slightly more soggy than when they left it, and made our way to our own Christmas Day events.

Let It Snow

Talina left Oregon for a two week trip to Nicaragua yesterday morning, so it was only appropriate that I wake up to snow today.  In the year we’ve lived here, the only time it’s snowed is when Talina is not in the state!20121215-145608.jpg


I figured it would be a short morning snow and transition to rain later, so I went ahead and moved the sheep to the north pasture.


A few hours later it was still snowing and they decided they were sick of it… so they let themselves out and came back to the barn.  So precocious.  At that point, I realized this was probably an entire days worth of snow, and went out to feed hay to everyone else who clearly wasn’t going to bother leaving the shelter of the barn in the first place.


Yes, you, lazy goats.

I’ve spent all day inside, watching the snow transition briefly into rain and then back to snow.  Good thing I’d already planned to spend today doing nothing but recovering from my hectic work week!  But we have chores to do tomorrow…

Snow Day!

I was lucky enough to be home to enjoy another day of snow! We had a few visitors overnight, who kindly left their prints for me to document.







Snow Aftermath

We went for a walk with my dad today, to inspect the damage from the snow storm. Not too bad, but it was impressive to see the huge blackberry mounds laid flat by the snow weight. Because they were still down, we could walk right on them! It offered some views we hadn’t been able to appreciate before.


My feet, on a two foot stack of flattened blackberry canes. And yes, I did fall through a time or two. And yes, they still have thorns even when they are flat.

A panoramic view from the north border of our property. The horse barn to the right belongs to our neighbors.

Talina and John, amongst the blackberries.

Snow Storm 2012

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

This week we’ve had an amazing snow storm. Talina had to leave Monday afternoon to get safely back to Seattle, but we went for a walk Sunday afternoon when the first snow hit, and then I continued to document all the weather for the next few days. It’s really melting today, so all the snow is mostly gone, but it was fun while it lasted! Glad we had firewood though, although we never lost power it was good to know we had food in the pantry and wood in the shed.