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End of an Era

Last fall, we harvested quite a lot of squash. We processed some for the freezer, but put most away in our ‘pantry’, which is actually just a closet in the craft room, and ate steadily through the pile all winter long.

But, it was kind of a really big pile.


The blue squash are Sweet Meats, and the others are Banana Squash, and a few Acorn Squash.

So, now that the weather is warming up and our ‘pantry’ is no longer even remotely cold enough to store squash in, it’s time to pull out everything we didn’t eat and deal with it before we have a closet full of rotten mush. When I assessed the remnants, I was surprised to find several Sweet Meats still firm and apparently unblemished! So we cut one open for dinner the other night…

2014-06-22 17.25.08

Smelled delicious, tasted great — that’s after 8 months in an indoor closet! We’ll definitely be growing this variety again.

Harvest: Squash

October has come, and it’s time to pull in the squash before the rains come and introduce mold to the situation!


First squash we harvested were the accidental decorative squashes.  These were supposed to be a carving pumpkin, bu tthey turned out to be two types of fancy, useless squashes.  They’re quite pretty, but… who on earth needs 35 fancy useless squashes??  Guess our fall party this year will be extra fancy.

20121010-145413.jpgKabocha squash is our favorite, a go-to all winter long. We got 18 kabochas, and 16 acorn squash pulled out of the garden.  We just kept finding more as we pulled up all the squash plants… sneaky little buggers.


Moving on to the banana squash.. oh, man, the banana squash!!  Look at this monster Talina found.


All told we harvested 18 banana squash, too.  We haven’t weighed them all yet, but a few were upwards of 35lbs, and those weren’t the REALLY big ones.


Squash storage solution!  Since the shop will be heated sporadically over the winter, and the barn is NOT pest-proof, we’re using the extra room to store everything right now.


And the final reward:  our first kabocha squash, roasted for dinner with home-grown broccoli and carrots.  The steak… not so home grown, but it was good!