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Full Power

During the worst of the rains a week or two ago, we found the power to the barn becoming increasingly unreliable.  It would throw the breaker in the middle of the day. It’s still quite dark at night… the chickens appreciate a little light in their coop during the day, so this was a bit of a problem.

We tested the fence, thinking perhaps it was shorting, but no luck.

We dug up the recently installed frost-free pipe, thinking perhaps we’d nicked the power when digging the original hole.  Several attempts to ‘fix’ the non-existent issue didn’t fix the problem.

So finally, reluctantly, Thaddeus took a sunny afternoon and got on the tractor to dig up the power all the way from the barn to the shop.  Just before he had to start tearing up our driveway (but just after he accidently punched a hole in the adjacent water pipe), he came upon this:


Yes, there’s the culprit.  The wire burned away underground, sparking due to perhaps a combination of a bad repair (duct tape over a piece of PVC pipe to wrap the damaged cable) and heavy rains… and just completely a coincidence that it happened right after we installed the frost free pipes, of course.


The fix, once we found the right place to apply it, was pretty fast, and now we have full power restored to the barn!  Well, that and a long angry muddy gash in the lawn.

Snowstorm 2014


We had a lovely snowstorm this weekend, and for the first time, both Talina and Megan were home to enjoy it together with Archimedes. We even got to take the sled down the sheep hill! Once. Because Archimedes, it turns out, is not yet a fan of snow.





As fun as the snow was, it made us doubly glad that Thaddeus was able to install frost-free pipes before it arrived: hauling 5 gallon buckets of water to the barn from the shop in a foot+ of snow is nobody’s idea of a good time…



We’ve been having some COOOOLD weather around here.  A solid week with nights around 10 degrees is pretty unusual, and to be honest, we’re getting a little tired of breaking ice and hauling water for the animals every morning.20131216-204027.jpg

That said, it is gorgeous to look at.


We even got a little snow, just in case the poor frozen garden wasn’t cold enough already.


Just in time, Megan got an attachment to the iphone that lets her take macro shots… here’s a frozen clover from our lawn.  Yup.. it’s cold, but pretty!

Oh, Hail

We had an absolute STORM hit this afternoon.  Here’s what it looked like from the relative safety of our living room:


And here’s the damage once we determined it was safe to go outside without being pelted full of tiny ice shaped holes:


All my poor plants!  Pretty much everything with a leaf up was shot through.  That’s Kale on the left and Chard on the right, and SO MUCH ICE in the middle.


My poor squash plants!  Here’s hoping everything recovers from this… I’m sure it will set us back considerably.

Snow Day!

I was lucky enough to be home to enjoy another day of snow! We had a few visitors overnight, who kindly left their prints for me to document.







Snow Aftermath

We went for a walk with my dad today, to inspect the damage from the snow storm. Not too bad, but it was impressive to see the huge blackberry mounds laid flat by the snow weight. Because they were still down, we could walk right on them! It offered some views we hadn’t been able to appreciate before.


My feet, on a two foot stack of flattened blackberry canes. And yes, I did fall through a time or two. And yes, they still have thorns even when they are flat.

A panoramic view from the north border of our property. The horse barn to the right belongs to our neighbors.

Talina and John, amongst the blackberries.

Snow Storm 2012

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

This week we’ve had an amazing snow storm. Talina had to leave Monday afternoon to get safely back to Seattle, but we went for a walk Sunday afternoon when the first snow hit, and then I continued to document all the weather for the next few days. It’s really melting today, so all the snow is mostly gone, but it was fun while it lasted! Glad we had firewood though, although we never lost power it was good to know we had food in the pantry and wood in the shed.