Turkey Eggs Are Available Now!

It took our ladies a while to get going this year, but we’ve finally got two dozen in the incubator and are ready to start collecting the daily eggs for eating, which means, we’ve got turkey eggs for sale!

Turkey eggs to eat!? Yes! Turkey eggs are typically about 50% larger than chicken eggs, and contain twice as many calories and grams of fat, and four times the cholesterol. They are said to be better for baked goods (adjust for size in recipies, though!). We find turkey eggs to be the best for hard-boiled recipies – the yolks are much larger and creamier than chicken eggs, and they make AMAZING deviled eggs.

We will add a turkey egg to a dozen chicken eggs (so, 11 chicken eggs and one turkey egg) for free at your request, so you can try them out. For $4 we will bring you a half-dozen turkey eggs, and for $8 we’ll bring you a full dozen: bring deviled turkey eggs to a potluck this summer!