Unpacking Day

The day after Moving Day is Unpacking Day, of course! Our goal for the day was to clear the family room so that we could clean the rug with a borrowed carpet cleaner. Success!

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… and then, of course, we moved stuff right back in and made a mess again. But this time it’s an ORGANIZED mess on clean carpet! See? Progress.

We also managed to decrease the size of the pile in the craft room (I’ll admit, a lot of that had to do with just moving the pile into the Spare ‘Oom at the end of the hall, but still, I’m going to claim it a win)

We got the living room furniture an a first incarnation… starting to look like a house! The trim in this room looks awesome – thanks to Stephen for painting it and to my brother for installing the floor trim.

Last, a view into the dining room from the living room – you can see that we have not yet accomplished the book unpacking, we’re saving that as a treat for tomorrow. 🙂