What Comes Down….

Well, a few weeks ago we tore down the original floor in the old stall we’ve designated to be a chicken coop. Years of neglect (and poor building material choices) had left us with a rotted floor, so it had to be replaced. THANKFULLY, Megan’s father John is a well experienced builder, so he lent us his expertise, which made the construction go so, so much easier and faster than if the two of us were learning on our own! 20120312-122915.jpg
We started with the dirt floor, very soggy due to poor drainange around the barn — that’s a whole OTHER issue on the task list.

You can see what years of standing in water has done to the non-pressure-treated posts. Thankfully we determined that this is only every other support post, so the whole barn is probably more or less still stable.

Starting to lay out the chalklines for new supports.

Protective layer of plastic, to try to keep the new supports from rotting like the old ones did!

Installing the actual floor – pressure treated plywood. Our new chickens will be all warm and toasty in this coop!

It may have spent all day snowing and raining, and gusting wind, but the plants know what’s up: here comes spring!!